Greenery Walls

Are vertical installations covered with various types of plants, providing a
sense of aesthetic, natural, relaxing, and decorative atmosphere to a space.
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Why Patio Mode Las Vegas?

If you love greenery but don't have space, artificial vertical gardens are perfect for you.
Our gardens are made of polyester injected or fabric artificial plants, crafted from recycled materials, and
you don't need to worry about maintenance; they are clean and allergen-free. Our city's climate is unique, and our gardens are environmentally friendly, requiring no water, sunlight, soil, herbicides, or pesticides.

Greenery Walls Features:

Placement flexibility: They can be installed anywhere, regardless of climate or lighting conditions.

Low maintenance: No pruning or fertilizing needed, saving eort compared to traditional gardens.

Covering unsightly walls: Ideal for hiding unattractive walls or vertical structures, enhancing aesthetics and adding a natural touch.

Greenery Walls are a creative way to incorporate vegetation in confined spaces where a traditional garden is limited.

Advantages of Greenery Walls

  • Low maintenance: The main advantage of artificial vertical gardens.
  • Water-saving: No watering required.

  • Versatility: They can be customized to your liking.

  • Easy installation: Minimal installation requirements.
  • No need for a bright space: They thrive in low-light environments.
  • Act as insulation, a lesser-known advantage.
  • Provide a relaxing view in your workplace or home.

Care and Maintenance

A Greenery Walls, require less maintenance than natural ones,
but some minimal care is necessary for their durability.

Cleaning the structure

Periodically remove dust buildup from the structure to ensure optimal performance.

Inspecting the structure

Check the structure occasionally to ensure it's in good condition and without damage.


Greenery Walls, are an excellent decoration option for homeowners, businesses, and offices, delighting guest and clients alike. They add life and color to spaces, whether it's an office, terrace, restaurant, or home.

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